Shawn Jones, Jonas Chiropractic - Renton, WA
I've met some quality people from your website, I'm very thankful to have the availability that your site gives. It's very organized and easy to manuevre. So far I've worked with several therapiss from Renton Technical College. The patients are very happy with their massage therapy sessions. The LMP's from Renton Tech seem to be very well trained in their field. Thank you for making it possible to help more people through massage therapy.

Pacific Coast Spine and Rehab - Los Angeles, CA
This was a very positive experience for our company. I would use this site again and market the site to other colleagues looking for qualified professional massage therapists... we certainly did receive many qualified applicants to chose from. Thanks once again for your services.

Dreamclinic - Seattle, WA
Dreamclinic, a popular clinic located in the Ravenna neighborhood, also has a newer business unit providing over 100 hours of onsite chair massage per week. Therapists working for Dreamclinic Onsite mainly provide care to stressed office professionals who look forward to the health benefits of chair massage once or twice a week right in their office.

Along with the ongoing contracts, Dreamclinic Onsite also services one-day events, which requires the company to search for available massage therapists from a wide geographic region, sometimes within just a few days notice. Although the regular group of LMPs contracted with Dreamclinic are reliable, cold and flu season got the best of them this winter. It became very apparent to Katherine, a Business Unit Manager, that she needed a list of reliable back-up therapists available for fill-in.

Katherine found that Find Touch was an invaluable resource for this task. Not only was she able to post a job to cover her fill-in needs for chair massage, but she also was able to proactively reach out and contact massage professionals when the need was urgent. She was delighted by the response and explained that Find Touch far surpassed the results from other job posting sites.
"Find Touch is incredibly easy to use and the response time was amazing," Katherine shared enthusiastically. "Each job posting yielded a number of qualified candidates in a very short period of time. I can literally breathe A LOT easier and take on more onsite business knowing that I have Find Touch to recruit and find back up therapists at a moments notice."

Bobbie T, LMP - Seattle, WA
I am so excited to announce thatFind Touch came through for me a second time since I became a LMP in February 2011.  The last time you and I communicated, I had sent my resume to two opportunities from the Find Touch job board.  Thereafter, a (local massage company) contacted me and I had two phone interviews. This week I had two practicals. I interviewed with two highly experienced LMPs who have been there for 20 and 26 years.  I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am having orientation on Saturday. Obviously, employers trust Find Touch. It is the best LMP job site in the whole world. Thanks a million.

Ann M. Swanson., DC, LMP - Kent, WA
I have to share with everyone using this site to look for work gave me the opportunity of a life time in less that a week. I got my license re-instated in WA after 20 years and before the first week ended I was working because of a job posting on Find Touch! The best part it's within 1.5 miles from home and working for a Chiropractor which is what I really wanted.

Treva S., LMP. - Federal Way, WA
Find Touch, I would like to thank you for your excellence and your efficiency in serving the massage therapist population. You have helped me in finding the perfect massage job to supplement my income. You guys are just awesome!

Melanie M., LMP - Maple Value, WA
Hello...Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy Find Touch. What a great site. I finally got my massage license, and I really, really appreciate the opportunities Find Touch provides.

Diana S., LMP. - Seattle, WA
Diana is an LMP who moved to Seattle earlier this year from Rhode Island. She found out about Find Touch soon after moving to the Northwest and registered right away. At the AMTA convention in May of 2008 where Find Touch had a booth, Diana took the time to stop by and share her positive experience with the service. "I applied for a few jobs after registering and I heard back from an employer within 5 hours of applying for the position," recounts Diana. "The next day I heard back from three more employers! I am amazed by the quick response!"

Newport Chiropractic and Massage Therapy - Bellevue, WA
Newport Chiropractic and Massage Therapy has an office located near Factoria Mall in Bellevue. They have a variety of clientele coming into their office all with a similar goal in mind - to get better. The practicing chiropractor takes special steps to ensure he is discovering the underlying root of the health issue for each person and then works to fully correct the problem rather than just treat a symptom. The business understands all the steps to positive healing which is why massage therapy is also available for clients.

Nancy Lorge is the office manager for Newport Chiropractic which employs 2 full-time massage therapists. At the end of January, one of her massage therapists was planning a vacation and Nancy was concerned about finding a substitute. She happened to hear of Find Touch and decided to post a job ad. Within a shorter period of time than she anticipated, Nancy received applications from a number of candidates and was able to get coverage for her massage therapist's 10-day vacation.

Based on this first experience and her subsequent use of the service, Nancy highly recommends Find Touch to other employers. She says she always finds excellent and focused massage therapists through Find Touch and now regards it as a valuable resource for fill-in and permanent massage staffing needs.