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The Essentials for Treating Pathologies with Ligament Stimulation

Elevate your treatment outcomes with ligament stimulation. If massage therapy is "the line", then being able to read, assess and treat the fascia is coloring outside the lines.  If you want to improve your uniqueness as a therapist, you need to color outside the lines. For mastery, you must create your own vision and lines.  A "paint by the numbers" massage is just another massage.

Learn to assess the fascial contribution to pathology and pain then treat immediately and effectively with ligament stimulation.  

Create your unique practice of approaching your client's pain and dysfunction by treating "outside of the lines".

The L.I.F.T. Method:  Ligament Influenced Fascial Technique, teaches you how to see, read and understand the fascial affects on movement and painful dysfunction.  

Learn to assess, mobilize and insure functionality within the 600 fascial pockets that we call muscles. Only LIFT has testing to find the root of the problem, immediate mobilizization with ligament stimulation and a way to insure stability within the newly created mobility.  

Learn why just "releasing" the fascial and muscular systems is never enough.  

Each class will cover a new quadrant of the body and builds on previous class information.

Class dates for 2019 - Mondays 10am-5pm 

  • February 25:  Core and spinal dysfunctions   The extremities do not have a chance if the muscles and fascia surrounding the spine are problematic.  Explore how making sure the Inner Unit is mobile and functional will help the extremities heal themselves.
  • March 25:  Hip and pelvic dysfunctions   Learn the contribution that imbalanced hip flexors and extensors make toward low back pain. This is definitely a case of finding and treating the criminal instead of focusing on the victim.
  • April 22:  Lower extremity dysfunctions  This class will focus on the fascial twisting that occurs between the upper and lower leg.  Learn how to quickly unwind the lower extremity fascia and alleviate foot and knee pain.  
  • May 30:  Upper extremity dysfunctions This class will focus on how to mobilize and stabilize the shoulders.  Learn how to determine if certain muscles are influencing your clients shoulder pain and immobility. Watch what happens when you pinpoint the epicenter of the problem.  The range of motion returns to 100% immediately.  Rotator cuff pain resolved.
  • June 10:  Upper Extremity Continued This class will focus on the cervicals, arms and hands.  

Series Tuition:  $450 for 30 NCBTMB CE's ($15 per CE)

Individual Classes:  $120 ($20 per CE)

NCBTMB Provider #710619.   

Come enjoy learning and increase your earning with The L.I.F.T. Method lakeside training.  

Instucted by LIFT developer, JoAnn Kovaly, LMT, PMA-CPT  #MA 60132961

Registration and information at: www.LIFTmethod.com

Taught By JoAnn Kovaly, LMP, PMA-CPT
When Monday, February 25, 2019 10:00 AM
Where 21014 SE 268th Court, Covington, WA
Kent, WA 98042
CE Hours 30
Price $450
Posted Monday, December 10, 2018 08:32 AM