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KulaKundalini Massage

KulaKundalini aroused by the vibration of that mantra. Specifically, Bija Mantra or Seed sounds.

This 18CEU course is a three-part education.

You will learn the Bija for each triangle in the body, gentle massage to awaken to body to receive the sacred seed sound of bija mantra.

A training that is great for the medical to spiritual practice. Intended to clear the tissue issues of old program to return to elevated awareness and consciousness.

section 1 - Upper triangle (head, neck, Shoulder)

section 2 - Middle triangle (upper and mid back, ribs, heart, lungs, arms)

section 3 - lower and back triangle (abdomen, hips and legs)

between session you will be encourage to complete 10 1H session along with completion of each course to receive final credentialing.

For more information:

call 206-465-4430

Minium 4 students

Maximun 10 students

Taught By Ila Barlean
When Sunday, September 08, 2019 09:18 AM
Where 2323 West Newton St Apt 6
Seattle, WA 98199
CE Hours 18
Price $450
Posted Wednesday, February 27, 2019 02:24 PM