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Demystifying Breast Massage with Joe Lavin

Now that full chest and breast massage is specifically covered in our practice act we can finally start to integrate more of it into our education, conversation and bodywork. The goals of this class are to 1) demystify and normalize Full Chest and/or Breast Massage, 2) understand why Full Chest and breast massage is so important, and 3) to practice some wonderful Full Chest and Breast Massage Techniques. This course is decidedly subjective and highly interactive, so come prepared for a lively discourse and to be challenged on many levels. 

Why Get Full Chest and/or Breast Massage: Our full chest and/or breasts are very important parts of our bodies and we should be able to receive holistic massage and therapeutic touch there if we want for a myriad of reasons. In addition to the therapeutic and health benefits, it just feels amazing to be treated as a whole human being, and not divided into touchable and untouchable parts. We will discuss many of the therapeutic benefits in class. However, it is not the intent of this class to cover therapeutic rationale on an in depth level.

What Exactly Is a Full Chest/Breast Massage: Since this is now officially part of our scope, we will be defining and discussing the differences between Full Chest Massage, Full Chest and Breasts Massage, Full Chest, Breasts and Areolae/Nipples Massage. We will be discussing the new regulations and how they affect our industry, work and clients.

Comparing, Contrasting and Integrating Relaxation, Holistic and Therapeutic Work: We will review a detailed therapeutic breast massage protocol and its objectives. Then discuss the different types of Full Chest and Breast Massage by classifying them as primarily relaxing, holistic or therapeutic (which begs the conversation as why/if those terms are mutually exclusive or not).

How Do You Integrate Full Chest and/or Breast Work Into Your Massage: There are so many wonderful reasons and ways to integrate full chest and/or breast massage into your massage sessions. We will practice some of my favorite Full Chest and Breast Massage techniques both with and without draping.

Some Thoughts on Pricing
I keep my class pricing as affordable as possible (usually $18.75 per CE Hour or less). However, almost all of my classes are also Pay What You Can because your career and personal growth is too important to let a price tag get in the way!

To NCTMb or not to NCTMB: This class is not NCBTMB approved yet because they tend to only allow breast massage as a subject if it is part of a specific medical procedure, prescribed by a physician or part of an oncology course. However, it does fulfill Washington State requirements for continuing education for Licensed Massage Therapists and specifically for specialized training in breast massage as outlined in WAC 246-830-555. 

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Taught By Joe Lavin LMT, CEIM, CPT, AOBT
When Saturday, September 21, 2019 09:00 AM
Where 419 Queen Anne Ave North
Seattle, WA 98109
CE Hours 4
Price $75
Posted Sunday, April 28, 2019 11:21 AM